Monday, February 13, 2012

Interested in a Southeastern Historical Archaeology Conference?

If you are interested in the idea of a conference focusing on the historical archaeology of the Southeastern U.S., here is your chance to weigh in:


This post is to gauge interest in starting a conference that focuses on the historical archaeology in the Southeastern United States. I believe there is certainly enough work in the region to support such an endeavor. Several folks (myself, Jodi Barnes, David Jones, and Carl Steen) have been discussing preliminary ideas for a small conference this first year in honor of Stanley South. We were able to reserve the meeting facility at Charles Town Landing State Park in Charleston, SC. It is a wonderful facility in one of the greatest cities on the planet and the perfect spot for a historical archaeology conference. The facility will hold 250 people. Therefore, we would have to limit attendance to that maximum. Our preliminary plans are to hold the conference August 24th and 25th and p...erhaps plan a tour or two for Sunday the 26th. Before we actually go full steam ahead with this plan, we wanted to make sure there was enough interest to support the effort. We are thinking that we will put aside some time during that weekend for all of us to brainstorm the future of this conference. I have posted this to Histarch and ACRA-L so that we can hopefully get good regional representation.

Please let me know if you would be interested in such a conference. If we get enough affirmative responses, we will proceed with our plans. In the meanwhile if you are interested in helping to organize the conference and supporting organization please feel free to contact us.

Natalie Adams Pope

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