Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Coastal Discovery Museum and the Heritage Library are pleased to announce a new tour offering on Hilton Head Island.  Beginning June, 8th 2012, guided tours of Historic Fort Mitchel will be offered each Friday morning at 10 AM.

Visit a well preserved example of a Civil War Era coastal artillery battery. Learn about what life on Hilton Head Island was like for northern soldiers during the Union occupation 1861-1866.

Popularly known as “Fort Mitchel” and located on a bluff overlooking a bend in Skull Creek, about a mile or so below its entrance into Port Royal Sound, is what remains of a coastal defense, field artillery battery position.  The battery was constructed in 1862, as part of the outer defenses for Port Royal, South Carolina, headquarters of the Federal Department of the South and the Union Army X Corps.

The tour covers the origin, construction, and operation of the works and describes something of the life of the garrison during the Union occupation of Hilton Head Island and surrounding islands of the Low Country throughout the War Between the States.  Tours take slightly less than one hour.  Guides are from the all-volunteer staff of the Heritage Library, the Genealogy and History Center on Hilton Head Island charged with the preservation this historic site. The year 2012 is the 150th anniversary of the construction of Fort Mitchel.

Reservations are requested for this tour.  Please contact the Coastal Discovery Museum at 843-689-6767 to register.  Or, visit  Adults: $12 per person, Children ages 6-12: $7, no children under 6, please.

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