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ASSC Hilton Head Chapter Fall Speaker Series begins Sept. 20th

ASSC Hilton Head Chapter Fall Speaker Series begins Sept. 20th

Hilton Head, SC: The Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Hilton Head Chapter will host the next meeting Tuesday, Sept 20th at 1 pm at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn featuring Nena Powell Rice of SCIAA (South Carolina Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology). The meeting is free and open to the public.

In preparation of the celebration of Archaeology month in October, Rice will discuss Discovering South Carolina Archaeology: 16,000 Years of Cultural Occupation

Nena Powell Rice will deliver a general synopsis of the archaeology of South Carolina during the past 16,000 years or more focusing on technological change through time. She will have a series of slides (with power point) that address the time periods defined by archaeologists in South Carolina, i.e., Paleoinidan, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian, protohistoric, colonial, American Revolution, etc. She will then relate each time period and technological change with specific projects that Institute archaeologists focus their research on, and give examples of how folks can get involved or volunteer on these projects. She will also address a large variety of programs offered during the 20th Annual South Carolina Month in October 2011.


Nena Powell Rice received her AA in Liberal Arts from Sullins College in 1973, BA in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in 1975, and her MA in Anthropology from the University of Denver in 1990. She has conducted archaeological field and laboratory work in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, and South Carolina. Nena has been at the Institute for over 26 years and has served in several areas. Currently she is Director of Outreach/Development, South Carolina Archaeology Month Coordinator (20 years), Acting Librarian, and staff to the Archaeological Research Trust Board. She is also the editor of the SCIAA magazine, Legacy. She works closely with the Archaeological Society of South Carolina. Nena has traveled extensively and has led trips to Europe, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Middle East, and China, including several tours to Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, two tours to Peru, a tour to the American Southwest, Costa Rica, Ecuador, two tours to Turkey, Jordan and Egypt, and Greece and Cyprus. Future tours are planned for Almafi Coast of Italy and Sicily, the Pantanaal in Southwestern Brazil, and Spain and Morocco.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 20- Nena Rice of SCIAA will speak at 1 pm

Oct. 18- Colin Brooker the expert who supervised the stablization of the ruins on Dataw Island, will discuss "Worldwide Tabby Architecture"at 1:00 PM.

Nov 15th- Chica Arndt of CGAS (Coastal Georgia Archaeology Society) will discuss the Mary Musgrove site in Savannah at Historic Honey Horn at 1 pm

Dec. 6th Christmas Social will all be at 7 pm at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Historic Honey Horn, Hilton Head

For further information: George Stubbs- 843-363-5058 www.assc.net

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